Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

Photo by Julie Showalter, Capture Photography, 2011
Are you like me and pick a whole stack of books to read over the summer?  If so, what did you pick and how did it go? Did you make your goal? Did you find some treasures?

My stats:
Goal: 12 books (on the side bar)
Read: 11 (I'm reading the 11th right now, so it counts!)

Favorite Non-Fiction: Devos for Teen Girls

Favorite Fiction: Warpaint

The one I didn't get to yet: Light Between Oceans

I guess I'll need to set a Fall/Winter Reading Goal for myself (you should see the stack of books I've collected at book sales this summer!).

How about you? What are your summer reading stats?


  1. Impressive, Dawn! You forgot to add how many times you read my book this summer--at least 3 or 4!

  2. Wow great. I have read twenty books. The last is a book from Laura Frantz ( an American auteur ).


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