Friday, November 20, 2015


courtesy morguefile, pedrojperez
We talked last night about how people have a mask on, like those who commit violence (recent shootings in Harrisburg, PA). They act tough, but are really cowards.

Some wear a mask that shows the world they are tough (bullies). Some, like me, wore a mask that did not cry and one that conformed to the world (in looks and behavior) just to survive school because of what the bullies did. 

Either way, bullies or victims...all wear a mask. They are not living in their true identities in Christ. He takes off the masks to reveal breathtaking light, holiness, worthiness, love, glory, honor, peace, joy...the list goes on and on.

I wrote this this morning, strumming it to the guitar.

Oh, teach me how to my identity. 2x
I want to walk the way You walk.
I want to talk the way You talk.

I want to do the things You do, and even more.
I thank You for the power in me, for the authority.
For all You created me, to be. I thank You, Lord. I thank You, Lord.

Let me step into Your path and never go back.
Your holy hand will guide me, on the path to eternity.
Oh, teach me how to live.
Oh, teach me how to live.
Oh, teach me how to my identity.

Believe the truth...your identity is in Him. There is no mask. Take it off and walk in His healing light.