Thursday, December 31, 2015

Book Review: Climbing With Abraham

Great 30 Day Devo to start the New Year off right!

Climbing with Abraham: 30 Devotionals to Help You Grow Your Faith, Build Your Life, and Discover God's Calling (Testament Heroes Book 1) by David Ramos (currently .99 for Kindle)

Overview: The Christian life requires an immense amount of faith. Often when frustrations and challenges arise, we are left wondering where God is. Thousands of years ago a man found himself in the same struggle. God had chosen Abraham for great things. But the man who would go on to become the Father of Nations had to first learn how to take the smallest steps of faith.

How did Abraham become a character of legendary faith? And how can we learn from his example so that we can become the great men and women God has called us to be?
Climbing with Abraham is a thirty-day devotional which answers these questions. In this short book you will be challenged, inspired and taught how to become a faith giant! Start your journey today and take the climb with one of the greatest Biblical characters towards your purpose. 


Dawn's Recommendation: 5 of 5 Stars!

What I Liked: I love these one-page devos! They are easy to read, yet they encourage a deepening of faith. Each devo begins with Scripture reading. Then, as you learn more about Abraham, David Ramos encourages you to apply what you learn to your life. He closes each one with a Takeaway and a Prayer. Each devotion shares a powerful truth about God, and by learning more about Abraham and his interaction with God, we can begin to press into God, as well. God spoke to Abraham and even to Hagar, so why wouldn't He speak to us? Let this devo series take you closer to God Almighty! Here are a few topics that really spoke to me:

*Listening and following God
*Dealing with frustration
*Trusting God when His timing is not our own
*Making mistakes
*Trusting God's promises and being patient
*Leadership and spiritual responsibility

As I read each devotion, I have been journaling too and this has helped me apply what I am learning to my own faith journey. I think many readers will identify with the topics. Great devotion series!


Disclaimer: I received this e-book for free from the author in exchange for my honest review.