Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trust God!

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Forgive me for not posting this past week. It's been a week of fun and exhaustion. Three words. Vacation Bible School. I'm still tired, but it was worth it (always is). Sharing Jesus with kids is the best. The point of Sky VBS was "trust God"...a good lesson for kids and adults, alike.

  • No matter who you are -- trust God!
  • No matter how you feel -- trust God!
  • No matter what happens -- trust God!
  • No matter what people do -- trust God!
  • No matter where you go -- trust God!

It got me thinking about my writing. 

  • No matter what I write -- trust God.  

What if I prayed over everything I write? What if I dedicated every word to God? How would my writing change if I remembered to do this all the time? 

How would your writing change?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

See Photo Write - Regret

Check out this week's
See * Photo * Write Photo Prompt over at 1st Writes!

 My response:


What was your childhood like?
How did you feel when your baby sister died?
Were you popular in high school or a punk?
Was Grandma and Pop Pop strict as parents?
Where did you vacation as a child?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
How did you meet mom?
What did you think about her then?
What was your first car?
What did you think when I was born?
Did you hold me much?
What do you wish would have turned out different in your life?

Your daughter

No Matter Who You Are...

Vacation Bible School is coming up, so I've got that on my mind. I co-lead the opening and the closing. I get to sing, dance, and act...it's great! But besides having fun, though, I have a very important task to share the love of Christ with kids.

This year, the Bible point is "No matter who you are...trust God!". All the songs are about trusting God and like usual, I'm singing them at work and in the car. Trust God. I'm letting that soak in.

This got me thinking about my writing. God made each of us different. Some have the talent with number (not me) and some have talent with music (again, not me) and some have talent with words (I like to think God gave me that one). 

Well, no matter what talents and gifts he gave each of us, our sole (and soul) purpose is for God. We are his. We are to trust him. If God made you a writer, he wants you to use your skills for his glory. Trust in him and he will use it.

What are you contemplating this week?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Music While You Write?

Do you play music while you work or write?

As I sat at work today listening to classical National Public Radio (NPR), one piece caught my attention. It had a high excitable tempo that later turned to a calming section. Later I caught myself moving to the rhythm of a piano as I typed, sometimes even typing in data to the rhythm of the music. 

I’ve heard that music is closely linked to math. Rhythm organizes our brain…or something like that. 

There definitely is something to music. I’ve found it to be healing. Once, I was at a conference and as the day wore on, I got a migraine. I was dreading my next workshop, but I went anyway. It was a workshop on Using Music with Children (from my child development days). I got there ten minutes early and walked into a room where classical music was playing. I sat down and closed my eyes. By the time the instructor began, my headache was completely gone. The music had worked out all the kinks in my poor head. 

I used to need complete silence to work (to focus), but I’ve changed my mind. I like having music in the background now. It is soothing and it makes me happy. I think it does help my productivity as well (and that might be because my spirits are lifted). 

All this was running through my mind today, so I looked up “music while you work studies” on the internet and I found an article and some selected quotes that I’d like to share: 

Research from University of Windsor in Canada showed the effect of music on the work performance of software developers. According to the study, without background music the designers’ quality of work was lowest and it took them more time to complete tasks. With background music, participants reported positive mood change and enhanced perception while working. Plus, the researchers noted that this positive change in mood correlated with increased curiosity — an excellent thing to have when doing creative work.”

“The type of music you listen to also matters. In a study published in the Journal of Music Therapy, excitative music tends to increase feelings of vigor and tension, while sedative music eased tension. That may be stating the obvious, but here’s the interesting part: Listening to your favorite type of music, whatever it is, lowers your perception of tension. This means you don’t feel as stressed or tense. But your heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure is higher when listening to excitative music — even if you like it.”

So, do you listen to music while you work or write? If so, what kind of music?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What I'm Up To...

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Wow, I can't believe it is June already. I haven't posted much, I've been so busy. Here's what I've been up to:

  • working (yes, I have a full-time job)
  • writing (wrote a devotion, which got rejected)
  • revising (I just finished Scene 20 and I'm so happy with it)
  • reading (read "The Red Tent". Now on "In the Sanctuary of Outcasts")
  • exercising (swimming and biking)
  • gardening (veggies are loving the rain) 
  • weeding the brick walkways (weeds are also loving the rain :0( )
  • enjoying the family

This summer on my blog, I'd like to share short Writing Tips. That's about all I'll have time for. How about you? What will you be blogging about? What summer plans to you have? Heck, what are you up to? Leave me a comment, 'cause I'd love to hear.