Need some prompts to get the creative juices flowing? Check out 101 Writing Prompts and Photo Writing Prompts.

101 Writing Prompts

Write about one of the following for 15 minutes:
farm                 accident               anger                 driver's license
the prize           puppy                   my hair              the lake
ancient              holiday                 trip                   my grandmother/grandfather 
the lamb            chilly                   tickle                  a spool of thread
hot air               scissors                carpet                the slide
an ant                the song               ample                it's was so hot
running              companion            God                   the best gift              
my dream           the stairs             news                  walking alone 
color                  photograph           the part             the best/worst smell
my name             despair                light                  between the pages                    
community          pencil                  sound                 he/she was a character
fantasy               poetry                  dirt                   I made it with my...           
treasure              losing it               fire                    the clean, crisp air
tissues                imagination          rocky                 We must find an antidote!
space ship           troll                     fairy                  He rode to the castle
dragon                hoodie                 anchor               The house stood empty  
tattle tail            family                  siren                  the big city
hiking boots        fishing pole          genie                 musical instrument 
pirate                  glue                    shouting             my favorite scent
Texas                  dying                   glass                  hunting in the attic
yardsale              newborn               sunset                sand between my toes
mosquito             raise                    hope                  following the leader
tackle                 fingernails             icy                    childhood game    
ideal                   bouquet               dime                  my sister or my brother     
rubbed raw          wrinkles               eggs                   plane flight  

Photo Writing Prompts

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