Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Love Letter From God

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If God wrote us a love letter, I believe it would read like this:
My Dear One,
I am love. Do you know me? I comfort. I heal. I hold. I weep when you weep. There is not a moment that you’re not on my mind. Do you understand who I am?

What I give cannot be bought. It has no strings attached. You can’t work for it, not even a lifetime of good deeds can buy it. My love…I give it freely to anyone who will accept it. Do you know how much I rejoice when one of my children accepts me?
Many stop there. They accept my free give of salvation, My Son, Jesus, as their Savior, but they think that’s it. They don’t know that they can get close to me. They don’t believe they can walk with me like I did with Adam and Eve in the garden. They don’t think they can talk to me face-to-face like Abraham or Moses. I am not a story, stuck in a Holy Book. I am The Living God. I am the same long ago as I am today.

I am a hand reaching out to you today, right now. My love is still the same. It is desperate to draw near to you. Will you come near to Me? Will you dwell in Me?

I long to answer your prayers, to heal your hurts, to deliver you from oppression and addictions, to teach you how to walk in My ways, and to take you deeper. I made you for Me. I give you gifts and so many blessings because I am Your Father. I hunger for you to press in. I made you for so much more than what the world wants you to settle for.

I am all you need. Come to me and let me show you My love. Ask Me, Seek Me, Search Me…I am here, waiting for you, My Child.

Yours Always,
The Father