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Here are my latest stories and submissions.


Pockets - "What Could I Do?"
Hope for Mom - Is there hope for my mother who suffers with depression and anxiety? The answer is yes, Jesus.
(Submitted to Alive Now!)

What Could I Do?
- A true story of how one 10 year old helped Haitian earthquake victims.
(Published in Pockets, Upper Room, Sep 2011.)

Sticks and Stones
- The note was passed in class. It contained two words - "Cry Baby". Words can hurt deeply, so think before you write.
(Not yet submitted.)

Interview With a Pirate?
- Has Captain Hook really become a Christian? Or is he all talk and no action? Only time will tell. (Submitted to Devozine for Teens.)

Mental - What do you do when you're a teen and your mother is having anxiety attacks? You take care of her. (Submitted to Devozine for Teens.)

Sharing the Bible for Parental Dummies - Feel inadequate when it comes to the Bible? You are not alone! This practical, how to article will have you sharing the Bible with your child in no time. (Will be published in Vista, May 2012.)


Diagnosed Type 1 - What's it like for a kid to live with diabetes and get four shots a day? From diagnosis to daily living, this poem shares one child's experience and hope.
(Submitted to Diabetes Health Magazine.)


My Book Jacket Experiment
The Library Chronicles - Guardians of the Secret, Book 1  

Is there a secret in the Coyle Free Library? What did Emily's dying words mean, "Find it...first."? An unlikely group of adventurers will try to unravel the mystery before it's too late. They'll find themselves thrust into a troubled world. Are they the only ones who can save Traboltia from Malcolm Destrair and bring peace back to the kingdom?
(Rough draft 100% complete. Beginning revision.)

The Library Chronicles - Kingdom Treasures, Book 2
The story continues. The Guardians have found one of the dead king's powerful treasures. Now they must seek the rest to restore the kingdom. An ancient prophesy unfolds, but will it come true? Not if Destrair and his demons can help it!
(Just started. 1% complete.) 

Inspirational Stories:

No Dog! - Landlord said no dog, but I sneaked one in anyway. This is the story of how one puppy captured my heart and helped me heal during the roughest part of my life.

Achy Breaky Butt - My story of a marriage on the rocks, college and injury and how God used a friend to care for me and get me through those tough times.

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