IT Comics

Here is a little I.T. humor to brighten your day!
(These comics are inspired by my day job as an IT Specialist.)

Posted 8-5-11

Posted June 3, 2011

Posted June 4, 2011

Posted June 6, 2011


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  2. Oh, my, just seeing if my comment would publish... I liked the one about the monitor. I'm the same way with my web cam... of course, I know 'they' can't see me, but I took the thing off the computer anyway and laid it on my desk--lens down! Got a good laugh out of that one! Also liked the one about training the wrench-turners, so funny! Thanks for visiting my blog--I don't know how you found it.

  3. Thrill seeker (daze Lawyer yet Batman-esque in capacities and physical quality and spryness - however with increased faculties) the Man unafraid was regularly marked a lowlife too from the outset. Comicnity


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