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Blog Purpose
I started this blog to practice my writing, learn more about the craft, and to have fun. I invite you along! I open each post with a writing exercise or prompt, followed by my writing on the topic. Feel free to leave comments and critiques.

Blog Title
"The Write Soil" means writing on a firm foundation. This has two meanings to me:

As a Christian, the firm foundation is Jesus. I want to write in a way that pleases God and is based on Biblical truths.  No matter what I write, Christian or secular, Jesus is a part of me and my writing.The blog title "The Write Soil" was inspired by this scripture.

"Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up and yielded a crop, a 100 times more than was sown." Luke 8:8

2. A firm foundation in writing is created after much practice and study. Each thing you learn is compost that will build up into rich writing soil. For me, this has meant going back to basics. I'm studying writing text books, doing internet research, writing and submitting articles for publication, attending a writing group, and blogging. 

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  1. I would like to donate cards - most are Christian - some are blank. Is there a way for me to send them to your church?


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