Thursday, September 22, 2011

Imago, The Great

Rachael Harrie’s Campaign Challenge #2

Write a blog post in exactly 200 words.
Include the word "imago" in the title.
Include the words: "miasma" "lacuna," "oscitate," and "synchronicity"
Make reference to a mirror in your post.

My entry has all of the above.

Imago, The Great
by Dawn M. Hamsher

Imago frowned. He flipped pages, searching for the illusion’s finale, but found only a lacuna in the old tattered book of magic. Immediately, he looked at the portrait of his graying mother. She would have done this –to protect him.  

For years, Imago had carefully learned the tricks written by his father and grandfather. His embellishments on those family jewels had earned him the name Imago, The Great.

This illusion had been his father’s greatest challenge, even his death, and Imago had to conquer it, missing page or not.


A few in the audience began to oscitate. Imago had to act fast.  

He removed his hat with flair.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you will not believe your eyes.” 

Imago placed two jars. 

“I will attempt a feat...” 

He placed a full-length mirror. 

“That no man has ever lived through.”

He broke the bottles.

“Keep your eyes on the mirror.”

As he slowly lost consciousness from the miasma, Imago saw his gray rabbit hop to him. In its mouth was a yellowed book page. With his final breath, he laughed at the ironic synchronicity.


The applause was thunderous.

Two men and one woman took their bows from inside the mirror.