Friday, February 10, 2012

My Support

I'm so thankful for my writing group. 

I look forward to getting together with them every week. We write different things (from devotions to fiction), but we all are there to share Christ and to encourage one another.

Pam made a comment during this week's gathering and it really stuck with me. She said that there is no writing or critique group that can compare to a Christian one. It's true. 

The love that we have for each other goes beyond a writing support group. Our lives are interwoven and the support goes beyond helping to improve our writing. We are lifting each other up through disease, death, and personal struggles. God is our center. 

It is such a blessing to experience the fellowship of these fellow writers.

Do you have a Christian group to lean on? How is it different? 


  1. Being a part of a Christian writing group sounds wonderful. I go to a very small church with no writers and I haven't met any writers around where I live. Thank goodness for the support of the online community.

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  2. Lee, I hear you! I also am so thankful for on-line blogger friends.


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