Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing Prompt: Superhero - UPDATED

Photo by Toby Hamsher, 2012

Here's a fun writing prompt inspired by my daughter's homemade costume for Halloween...

 If you could be a new superhero, who would you be? Give the character a name, powers, and goal in life.

My response:

When my daughter was eight, she created her own superhero named Goo Girl. She made a blue costume with mask and cape. She even wore it out in public. Her power was slinging goo at the enemies. Goo Girl still likes costumes and super heroes (as you can see). 

I've been thinking for days on this writing prompt. What superhero would I create? To me, the best heroes are in real life, everyday people who do little things that help others. So, here is my superhero:

Spirit Girl  - She is sensitive. Her unique intuition can spot people in distress with just one glance even if they show no outward signs. She is fearless. She has no problem approaching the person in need and engaging them in conversation. She is resourceful. Whatever the person needs, Spirit Girl can supply the need or get the person the appropriate help for her power is from the Holy Spirit.

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