Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Book Review: Moment By Moment

Oh My Goodness, girls will LOVE "Moment by Moment" devo journal by Jennifer Flanders! My daughter was ready to steal it the moment it arrived, but I managed to hold her off till I got the review finished.

Overview: This book is designed to get you thinking. There’s no right or wrong way to complete it. You may use these pages to record thoughts, compose poetry, set goals, write prayers, paste photographs, paint pictures, draw sketches, make lists, tape mementos—or a combination of any or all of the above. My goal in creating this little journal is to inspire you to think deeply about some of life’s biggest questions, such as: Who are you? Why are you here? How can you live with meaning and purpose? And as you think through your answers to these questions, I hope you’ll enjoy using the space provided to write down your thoughts.

Dawn's Recommendation: 5 of 5 Stars!

What I liked: The first thing I loved was its Victorian style, with its fonts like calligraphy and primer letters and the clip art silhouettes and scenes from mid-1800's, the book makes a girl want to dream. Even the shape of the book is lovely, being wider than other books.

After falling in love with the way the book looks, I sat down to read the content. It is a journal, so many pages have writing prompts, Victorian clip art, and lots of space to write (which as a writer, I love)! The opening Introduction is a letter from the author encouraging girls to think about the deeper things in life and focus on God as our comfort. (I think Ms. Flanders and I could be best friends.

This book is chalk full with Scripture, quotes, hymns/songs, prompts, space to capture all kinds of memories, goals, favorite things, even mini Bible study on worry and service, current events, prayer, an address and birthday records sections, and much more! There are even two pages that have bookmarks that can be photocopied.

Ms. Flanders has three more devo journals coming out soon (one for boys, moms, and wives). I can't wait to get the mom and wife ones!  As soon as I got this book, I wanted to buy 20 more to give to all the girls I know at church. It's that fantastic!

Disclaimer: I received this book for free from BookCrash in exchange for my honest review.

For fun, here is one writing prompt from the book. Please write your response in the Comment Section. "Books and stories I read and enjoyed as a child:"


  1. My favorite childhood books: The Monster at the End of the book (Sesame Street) and M is for Mischief by Richard Parker

  2. I bet my daughter would love this. She's becoming quite the storyteller and is going on her first mission trip with other middle schoolers this summer (a domestic one to Appalachia).

    My favorites from childhood: gobbled up all the horse stories in the library. Especially loved those by Marguerite Henry, Patsy Grey and Walter Farley.

    1. Laurel, I loved horse books too! I, so badly, wanted to go to Girl Scout Horse Camp, but we couldn't afford it. Thanks for stopping by! And I hope your daughter has an awesome mission trip!


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