Sunday, September 20, 2015

Book Review: Four Souls

"Four Souls: A Search for Epic Life" is so encouraging!

Overview: Four young men with bright futures step off the path of graduate school and careers in search of something more--something epic. Desiring more from life than well-paying jobs and large bank accounts, they embark on a worldwide expedition, forging into the Guatemalan highlands, Russia's far north, the mountains of South Africa, villages in Bangladesh, Nepal's Himalayas, rural Vietnam and other rarely traveled lands. Through journal entries and first person accounts, Four Souls weaves together the tales of their journey, including near-death escapes and bribe-seeking officials, prison camps and race riots, hurricanes and illegal smuggling. More than just a collection of gripping stories, Four Souls chronicles the dawning realization that came through the adventure: that the life they were seeking is in the reach of all who are willing to grasp it. 

What I Liked: I loved the adventure of these for young Christians as they set out to travel the world, share the Gospel, serve people, and follow Jesus. This is such an encouraging book; by offering themselves to communities in Guatemala, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, and Bangladesh, they were open to God working and to gaining a world view on people and need, it encourages me to life life to the fullest. They didn't want a hum drum sort of life. They wanted the abundant life that Jesus calls us all to. 

I admire their trust in God to provide for their trip and for his care of them on the trip. Throughout the book they share journal entries of what they were experiencing and learning about themselves and God. Truly a remarkable book, as told by all four of them! You feel like you went alone on the trip. This book will help you understand what Christians are going through in these countries and the need for help and prayer for them. Thank you, Mike, Matt, Jedd, and Trey for sharing your adventure. May you have many more: a lifetime of them!

Ever take a trip like this or a mission trip? Share one experience or thought about it.


  1. It is so hard to imagine such a journey, such commitment. God bless them!

  2. That sounds like a great read! I follow a lot of book blogs, etc. and haven't come across this one. Will have to check it out.


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