Dawn M. Hamsher

Dawn M. Hamsher 
At a Glance... 
·         Happily Married and Mother of One
·         Lives in beautiful Pennsylvania, U.S.
Works full-time in the IT Field
·          Hobbies include Writing, Acting & Directing, and Gardening
·         Current Writings are Fantasy Novel, Devotions, and this Blog

Knowing Dawn
A co-worker nicknamed me "Drama" because I love acting and directing, NOT because I cause drama (there is enough drama in life, I don't want to contribute to it!). I do, however, want to spread joy and encouragement to others. I am an eternal optimist. I always have a smile on my face and time for people. I am an educator at heart, though that is not my current profession. The same co-worker said, "With Dawn, you get what you see." That's pretty much true. I am hard-working, passionate, stead-fast, loyal, and stubborn (yes, I am a Taurus).

Dawn on Writing
I've written and illustrated two picture books, as well as written Christian skits and devotionals. Two of the devotionals have been published. I am also working on my first fantasy novel.  No matter what I write, Christian or secular, I wish to write in a way that pleases God. 

I am a part of 1st Writes, a Christian writing group that meets once a week. In addition to critiquing each others' writing, we learn new writing tips, read devotions, and write using prompts. If you are a writer, I highly recommend joining a writing group for encouragement!

Dawn on being a Christian
I have always believed in Jesus, but a huge turning point came when our church studied The 40 Days of Purpose by Rick Warren. I realized that I had a purpose in God's kingdom. I began to seek God's will for my life. 

Dawn on Drama
I write, act and direct Christian skits. I direct "Walk Through Bethlehem", a Christmas play that draws 700-1000 attendees. I've been in three community theater plays (I like to play comic relief in murder mysteries!). I've written, acted in and directed Women's History Month presentations for local schools and community groups. 

Dawn in Virtuous Woman Skit

Dawn's Confessions
1. My hair is completely gray (started at age 16). Thank goodness for Nice N Easy #111!
2. I am always cold. Just ask anyone at church during greeting time. Here it comes..."Oh, your hands are so cold, dear. Cold hands, warm heart."  Yep, it's true.
3. I have a horrible memory! God did not think that attribute was important for me. ;0)

Dawn's Favorites Things
Favorite Songs: Dive by Steven Curtis Chapman, Brave by Nichole Nordeman,
Call on Jesus & Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen, Dog Days are Over by Florence & the Machine, Crazy Love by Mindy Gledhill, Fidelity by Regina Spektor
Favorite Piece of Art: the life-size paper-mache moose that hangs over my fireplace
Favorite Books: Bloody Jack Series by L.A. Meyer, Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, Holes by Louis Sachar, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice
Favorite scents: lemon verbena & cherry-almond
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Joke: I can't remember any!
Favorite Foods: french fries, chocolate, Mexican, Chick-Fil-A, & fresh pineapple
Favorite Pets: These two rascals, Barlow and Mudge!


  1. Nice to meet you here! I'm a Christian, too ~ we have a lot of the same interests it seems! I haven't acted since high school, but enjoy going to local theaters supporting my acting friends. I'm looking for my next dog, since The Engineer finally relented under the pressure of me, Jake, and YellowBoy hounding (yeah, I know, groan) him. Looking for a little lab mix mongrel to warm our hearts.
    Funny you should say you're cold all the time. I'm the girl always wiping the sweat off the back of my neck and brow. My thermostat is out of whack...add hot flashes, and you've got your own internal combustion engine...
    I'm looking forward to browsing around your blog some more!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  2. Tina, Thank you so much for visiting and letting me know about you! I'm glad we have theatre and dogs in common. I'll be visiting your blog some more real soon.

  3. I'm having trouble commenting on your current blog post for August 22 so trying here...

    Hi Dawn - LOVE this piece of writing and would like to read more! I'm a new follower, fellow campaigner, picture book writer and dog lover :) What picture books have you written?

  4. Ugh! It wouldn't let me post on the IT Comic page. I wanted to let you know, they're hilarious!!! Great job, fellow campaigner!!!

  5. I'm glad I found your blog. I too am forever cold--especially at church and grocery stores and movie theaters and restaurants--anywhere it's not 78 degrees like my house.

    I too am a Christian, love theater, love writing, and reading and my favorite color is green. Oh, and did I mention, I lost my mind sometime ago. Can't remember a thing most of the time.

    Loved reading your blog and look forward to reading more.

  6. Susanna, my picture books are unpublished. One was more an art project and the other one is about my sister's favorite toy as a child.

    Candy, I'm so glad you like the comics! I love to laugh and I hope the comics bring laughter to others!

    Jill, Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! We have a lot in common! I love "lost your mind" comment...LOL! I'll stop by your blog here shortly. :0)

  7. Hello Dawn! Beautifully designed blog. Thanks for the tips! P and P is my favorite movie too...the best. Purpose Driven Life changed my life too. Don't you think it should be mandatory that everyone reads it? :-) I'll be checking back here...I like your style. Until I figure out the "code", here's my blog address:

    1. m.,
      Thank you! Looks like we have a bit in common! I'm so glad you took the time to comment! I just visited your site and look forward to reading more.


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