Monday, October 17, 2011

See * Photo * Write

I'm participating in today's See Photo Write on 1st Writes!
If you'd like to write too, post it on your blog and then head over to 1st Writes and linky to it.  
Happy writing!  

My response is below.

Alaylia Gerard was no ordinary girl. She could speak to birds. She learned the language from her great aunt who lived alone in a small cottage in Wharten Woods.

Alaylia was six when she first met Great Aunt Lenore and she snickered, involuntarily, at seeing the lady's great beak-like nose. Her mother, always gracious, smiled at her aunt, and then quietly pulled Alaylia from the room.

"You must never do that again, that was rude. Great Aunt Lenore is very...special." She paused. "She has a special gift. And, she would like to share the gift with you."

They re-enter the room and this time Alaylia did not laugh.

The gift turned out to be lessons in Avish, the language of birds. The gift soon changed Alaylia's whole life. 

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  1. I love the way your mind works! You fall into fantasy so easily!


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