Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trust God!

Source: ehow.com
Forgive me for not posting this past week. It's been a week of fun and exhaustion. Three words. Vacation Bible School. I'm still tired, but it was worth it (always is). Sharing Jesus with kids is the best. The point of Sky VBS was "trust God"...a good lesson for kids and adults, alike.

  • No matter who you are -- trust God!
  • No matter how you feel -- trust God!
  • No matter what happens -- trust God!
  • No matter what people do -- trust God!
  • No matter where you go -- trust God!

It got me thinking about my writing. 

  • No matter what I write -- trust God.  

What if I prayed over everything I write? What if I dedicated every word to God? How would my writing change if I remembered to do this all the time? 

How would your writing change?


  1. Good Advice to us all-TRUST GOD!!!!

  2. I do trust my writing to God. I want my writing to be honorable and helpful. I probably miss the mark at times, but I try to get it right. :-) The older I get, the more I want to spend time on things that have eternal value, not the temporary stuff. The words we right will last forever, and I will always be the author of them, so I want God to be pleased.

  3. Such good words of wisdom for each of us.


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