Friday, July 13, 2012

Creation Fest Poem

I went to Creation Fest and wanted to capture the experience in a poem. Here goes:

Creation Fest 2012
By Dawn M. Hamsher

sea of tarps (with some still sleeping)
Nestled in a mountain valley
80,000 of my closest friends
Melt in the summer heat as
Dust rises from shuffling feet

Morning openings start off with
a sea of blue tarps stretched out
waiting for owners to straggle in
for worship

As the day heats up, so do the speakers
They yell to get their message across
Passionately telling us to share the gospel
“Who will tell them, if we don’t?”

So many teenage girls and boys
Silently scream for attention
“Free Hugs”, chicken, gorilla, & banana suits
Who are they seeking?

The bands at Main Stage are varied.
Crowder, Kye Kye, Newsboys, Red
I can feel God’s presence in them
It is good and I lift my hands to praise him.

We held our own communion at camp
Main Stage (during break)
Washing each other’s hands, we whispered prayers,
Broke the bread and drank the juice
As Toby Mac played in the distance

Morning tent showers and porta-potties
Sweat dripping down your back
Campfire, cards, hammocks, mountain pies
…A Wilderness experience

And through the Fest, God was there
Waiting for us to turn to him, to seek him.
I wonder what each person got out of Creation.
Just a good time or something holy?



  1. Dick and I went to Creation for so many years. I know exactly what you are talking about here. Some how God's amazing presence is able to overcome even the discomforting distractions. So amazing and so worth it. Glad you enjoyed your time there, Dawn. Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

  2. Pam, Thanks. It was a really neat experience and I would go back.


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