Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm in a Turquoise Mist

My blog posts aren't churning out as I had hoped for this summer. Neither is my book revision (stalled on scene 32). Guess I'm just going to go with the summertime flow.

So far, I volunteered for Vacation Bible School, went to Creation Fest with our youth group (rewarding, but brutal heat), and now I'm in the thick of painting my daughter's bedroom (her birthday gift) in a 90 degree room (I'll just sweat off those extra pounds).

Turquoise Mist - Wall Color & Turquoise Tint - Trim Color
 How do you like her room colors? She picked them herself. She's turning the big 13!

How is your summer coming along? Is it going the way you planned?


  1. Love the colours! Very pretty. With all this heat it's a wonder the paint doesn't boil on the wall! Stay cool!

  2. I love teal! I think it goes nicely w/ tans and browns. Good choice!


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