Monday, February 18, 2013

Using Photos in Your Blog

Photo by Dawn M. Hamsher, 2013
I've been trying to snap more of my own photos to use on my blog instead of using ones from the internet.  

What are the "rules" for on-line photo usage? Originally, I thought as long as your give credit, then it was okay. It's not.

Here's what I found:

5 Rules about Using Web Images in Your Blog 

How do you use photos on your blog?  Do you take your own? Do you get permission? Do you have any tips?


  1. Tweeted and shared this.

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  2. I use sites like or take my own pictures. Photo credits are enough to make an image legal IF the image has a creative commons license and those are the terms specified by the photographer.

  3. This is a fantastic first-hand account from an author who was sued for using googled images on her blog. The article links to a number of other creative commons websites.

    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this. Hard lesson to learn!

  4. This was very very helpful! Thanks.


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