Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Review: A to Z Devotions for Writers

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"A to Z Devotions for Writers" is a must have for Christian writers! Pam's new book shares Scripture, personal stories, prayer, and writing prompts to encourage writers to WRITE! Whether you're a new writer or you've been writing for thirty years, each devotion will touch you and encourage you on your writing journey.

Dawn's Recommendation: 5 of 5 Stars!

Overview: Do the ugly twins of Fear and Self-Doubt roar at you when you write? A to Z Devotions for Writers tames these snarling beasts! Armed with the sword of God’s Word, encouraging meditations, applicable prayers and “block” busting writing prompts, writers will move ideas from fleeting thoughts to grounded manuscripts. (from book cover)

What I liked: The author's down-to-earth style. She uses relevant personal stories for each writing point and backs it with Scripture. Many devotions also include writing tips and questions that make you think.

I love that writing prompts were included with the devotions! They encourage readers to take the lesson farther. Two of my favorites were write your testimony (T is for Testimony) and write out your writing goals (Y is for Yearn).

The Table of Contents was a nice addition to the book. I could quickly scan to see what each day's alphabet topic would be.

I found the opening "Gleaning the most from A to Z Devotions for Writers" to be very helpful. It focuses readers by telling them what to expect and gives recommendations for the best way to do the devotions.

What I didn't like: It is a little hard to read the back cover. I wish the font was bigger, especially for the paragraph about what the book is about. 

I would love to see more devotions for Christian writers (there isn't that much out there). This is a fantastic book of encouragement. Maybe Pam will do a sequel someday (I can hope).

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Disclaimer: I am a part of Pam William's writing group ( I helped edit the book. I tried to make my review as unbiased and as honest as possible. Pam did not ask me to do this review.

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