Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Whatcha Workin' On?

I haven’t blogged about my writing lately, so I’ll give a little update.

Fiction – Stalled. :0(

Non-fiction – Working! :0) In April, I felt God’s call to write a Bible Study for writers, so that’s what I’m working on! The title is “Writing On Your Knees: A Bible Study for Writers”.  The study is designed to help Christian writers grow closer to God and therefore be inspired to use their writing for God to reach others. I have an outline for 12 lessons. Three are done. Another three are almost done and the rest I have jotted notes.

This project has been a really neat process in trusting and waiting on God. Before I write anything, I go to God for guidance. Not once has he failed to show me how he wants the study to go. I’ve gotten feedback from a few in my writing group and they want me to do the study with our whole writing group in the Fall, which is really exciting. 1. That gives me a deadline, which I need! 2. That will give me much needed feedback before I seek publication.

What are your thoughts on a Bible Study like this?

What are you working on this summer?


  1. I think it's a fantastic idea! I love the thought of a Bible study geared toward writers. Best of luck as you complete it!

    1. Dana, Awesome! Thank you for the feedback!


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