Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Girl in the Photograph

Writing Exercise: Write about a B&W Photograph without using any periods until the very end.  Write for 15 minutes. This is harder than you think!

The Girl in the Photograph
By Dawn M. Hamsher


The girl in the photograph sat on the hood of the Riley, that was carried on a ferry boat, with her arms outstretched on either side of her to keep her in place on the car, a look of joy on her freckled face, while the warm Italian sea blew through her hair and she took in the rocky landscape that they passed; ahh, the memories of that summer when her father took her on adventure after adventure, which always ended in a little dark room, hardly bigger than a closet, but big enough for a father and a nine year old daughter to squeeze inside; a place that smelled like chemicals, but ended up making magic, and before the girl's very eyes, using only liquid and paper, the photograph was swished back and forth, images slowly coming into view in the dim red light of the room; the girl held her breath and asked, "Now?", "Not yet," he answered, but then a second later, the father quickly pulled the paper out with tongs and pinned it to the clothes line above their heads to drip dry, and then the two of them would look at each other and smile, for the memory was captured and the memory was me.

Photo by Jack D. Horner

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