Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow on the Tombstones

Writing Exercise: Write a poem about something you saw today. This is what I saw on my way to work this morning after a fresh snow. Also linked to Sunday Scribblings writing prompt on "Poetry".

Snow on the Tombstones
by Dawn M. Hamsher
Snow on the Tombstones
Blanket of white
Cemetery calm
In early dawn light

Stones all snow-topped
Stand up by the pines
heavy with powder
that weighs down their sides

All of the headstones
Placed in straight rows   
Are colors of grays
That slumber and doze   

I couldn't stop looking
So lovely a scene        
A feeling of peace
of resting serene


  1. What a lovely depiction! I, too, have found cemetaries to be peaceful places--not scary. Each season touches the marble with a beauty of its own. Thanks for sharing your impressions of winter.

  2. Beautiful poem! Next time I pass a cemetery I will look at it in a different light!


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