Thursday, December 29, 2011

All Things "New"

My good friend and blogger, Pam at 2 Encourage has a great post called Newness. Read it, then come back for a writing exercise.

Writing Exercise: Write about one of the following questions. 
1. What do you like that is "new"?
2. How does the word "new" fit with your faith?
3. What excites you about the upcoming "new" year?
4. Extreme Challenge: Try to tie questions 1-3 into one writing!

Please share in Comments Section. 

I was up for the Extreme Challenge! See mine is below.

Colored Pencils
by Dawn M. Hamsher

New colored pencils would brighten up my day.
Color all the world, on pages they would stay.
With my coloring book open, I'd carefully fill.
Once every nook was done, then I could be still.

For hours I would toil. Soft strokes of love.
Castles, landscapes, Snoopy, even a dove.
The accomplishment and joy it brought.
To color the world through pages, I thought.

And now, those pencils are from memory's haze.
Instead, I color the world in different ways.
I write and I teach and I share God's great love.
For it's his box of pencils I'm now to speak of.

The green is everlasting life and red is for the blood.
The white is for the newness, given from Jesus with love.
The blue is for his depths of care that he will never leave.
And orange is for the fiery passion he gives to those who believe.

He's given me many colors, of which I am to use.
What color is my favorite? Oh, I could never choose.
All I know is, colors can become dull locked inside their case.
So, use them in the new year and be filled with peace and grace.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful poem, Dawn! I love your take on "Newness"!
    Blessings in 2012, my friend!
    2 Encourage

  2. The poem is so true!
    Have a blessed, awesome New Year!
    See you around in 2012...

  3. Mish, You too! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Yes I agree, is a wonderful poem.
    Wish you a great 2012.


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