Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Writing – Cards and Letters

Photo by Dawn M. Hamsher, 2013
Most of us never think about writing cards or letters as a true form of writing that rivals fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Card writing, though, can be every bit as powerful because your readers are people you know (from loved ones to acquaintances). 

Your personal words (for birthdays, hard times, sympathy, and more) can have a profound influence on friends and relatives, sharing love and encouragement.

 So then, encourage one another and build each other up, as you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

With today’s technology and social media, information is transmitted instantaneously. Less people write cards, so this makes every card you send even more special. When you take the time to pick out a card and write a note, it tells the reader that they are special and worth it.

Here are some card writing tips: 

1. Pick a card that fits the person. Some like funny cards, while others prefer sentimental cards.
a. To save money, get boxed cards. I buy boxed Dayspring cards when they are on sale for $5 at LifeWay.
b.If you are artsy, try making your own cards.

2. Write meaningful words. Don’t just sign and send.
a. Consider including a scripture that fits with the person or circumstance.
b. Share information about yourself, as well as inquiring about the recipient.

3. Consider including a gift (a bookmark, a gift card for a cup of coffee, a newspaper carton clipping)

Who is on your mind today? Write them!


  1. I have a fistful of cards in my cedar chest that I have received over the years. Each one has special meaning to me. Your post inspires me to do the same for others. Thanks, Dawn.

    1. Awesome, Pam! You are the one that inspired me to write cards in the first place!!!

  2. I have good intentions..... will try to remember your words and "just do it". I am blessed every time I reread a thoughtfully written card.
    Thanks, Dawn.


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