Friday, March 1, 2013

Password Security

You’re a blogger. You have a password to log into your blog.
You’re probably on facebook too. Another password.
On Twitter. Another password.
You have a bank account (or several). Password(s).
Shopping sites. Passwords.
Your child’s school site. Password.
Work. Passwords.

With so many sites, many people use the same password! According to internet sources, 60-75% of us do this!

This is B-A-D

If a site is compromised, a hacker could be able to get into your other sites as well (possibly even your bank account).

Q: What can you do to protect yourself?

A: Create a [strong password] that is [easy to remember] and [use variations of it] for your logins.

[strong password] = Two uppercase, two lowercase, two specials, two number, 10-14 characters in length.

[easy to remember] = Use a phrase to help you remember it. 
Example --
Phrase: Jimmy graduated on 5-6-10 at Clemson University, SC! 
Password: Jgon5610@CUSC!

[use variations of it] = Switch parts of the phrase around to create other passwords. 
Example --
Original Password: Jgon5610@CUSC!
Variant Passwords: “5610Jgon@CUSC!” and “CUSC!Jgon5610” and “56CUSC!Jgon10” and “@CUSC!5610Jgon” 

So, as your Blogger Friend, I encourage you to create strong passwords and go out and get your sites updated. It will take a little time to do this, but it will take a lot less time than trying to mess with the hassle of of a compromised account!


  1. This is what I do, actually, especially for social media. Any site with my credit card information (Etsy, Amazon, Paypal etc) have their own unique passwords.

    1. Christine, You are ahead of the game! Good girl!

  2. *hangs head* I need to do this. I have way too many passwords the same. Darn it! Thanks for the advice! :)

    1. Krista, LOL! Never too late to protect yourself. Have fun making new passwords!

  3. Definitely. Its just remembering them and then where I put them.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. LOL! You always make me smile, Shelly!


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