Friday, May 31, 2013

My Life Quotes - On Parenting

I like quotes. They say a lot in only a few words.  

If you could write your own life quotes, what would they be?

Here are mine on Parenting: 

Photo by Toby Hamsher, 2010
For the husband and child: Don't you see the mess? Clean it up, people!

For the wife and mother: Don't nag and complain -- they just make you cranky!

Caring for plants is great. I feed and water them and they never talk back.

Mothers are the Queens of Broken Records. I must say, “Brush your teeth, wash your hair, take a bath, make your bed, pick up your shoes, don’t slouch, unload the dishwasher, and turn off YouTube” a million times a day.

Parents who ignore their child’s bad behavior, might as well say, “Go ahead and do it.” That’s the message they send.

Meaningful daily talks with kids and teens is the best way to influence their lives for good.  
--The average parent only talks with their kids for 4 minutes a day.

Dress code for life: No cracks front or back.  
--Stole this one from our youth leader

The last one to leave the room is in charge of the room. That means: turn off lights, close the windows, pick up dirty dishes, etc.
--Why doesn’t anyone else get this rule, but me?

What would be your "Parenting Quote"?


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