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Book Review: Sky Jumpers

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Imagine jumping into air that can kill you -- into the Bomb's Breath. Hope Toriella does that for fun, but one day, she'll need to do it to save her town.

Overview: 12 year old Hope lives in White Rock, a town struggling to recover from the green bombs of World War III. The bombs destroyed almost everything that came before, so the skill that matters most in White Rock—sometimes it feels like the only thing that matters—is the ability to invent so that the world can regain some of what it’s lost.

But Hope is terrible at inventing and would much rather sneak off to cliff dive into the Bomb's Breath— the deadly band of air that covers the crater the town lives in— than fail at yet another invention.

When bandits discover that White Rock has invented priceless antibiotics, they invade. The town must choose whether to hand over the medicine and die from disease in the coming months or to die fighting the bandits now. Hope and her friends, Aaren and Brock, might be the only ones who can escape through the Bomb’s Breath and make the dangerous trek over the snow-covered mountain to get help. For once, inventing isn't the answer, but the daring and risk-taking that usually gets Hope into trouble might just save them all. (from Goodreads)

Dawn's Recommendation: 4 of 5 Stars

What I liked:  I was immediately drawn in by the interesting world that Peggy Eddleman created. The story takes place in a settlement that contains survivors of the Green Bombs of WWIII (what a cool idea!). Next, I was thrilled that the town values invention and ingenuity as they try to rebuild their lives (I LOVE inventions!)

The characters are likable. Hope Toriella, the MC, is a spunky and courageous 12 year old misfit who finally finds her strengths. Despite obstacles, she is unwilling to give up on her family and her town. I love her tenacity!

The whole book is wholesome and fun and Ms Eddleman has some great conflict that keeps you turning the pages!

And as a writer, I enjoyed how Peggy gave out background and historical information about the past through the MC's history class. That was a really smooth way to do it!

Constructive Critiques: The tone at the beginning seemed too happy and optimistic. Having gone through WWIII just 40 years ago and having bandits, I thought there should be a few ominous tones.  

I did have a little bit of a hard time believing that Hope would be able to fight the bandits (and climb trees and jump off cliffs) after her long, exhaustive journey, but I still enjoyed the book. 

Overall: The book is adventurous and kids will enjoy reading it! What kids doesn't want to save the day?

And as a parent, I loved the book's themes:
"finding yourself" 
"believing in yourself" 
"you are special" 
Everyone is unique and has special qualities --This is a much needed message for kids today. Each person has something special to give the world. Thank you, Peggy, for weaving this throughout your story!

I look forward to Peggy Eddleman's next book! 

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