Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cold, But Content

The house is cold.
The stove sputters to life. 
Tink tink tink - the pellets drop into the grate for fire to consume.
I head upstairs, still in my coat, and slide under the electric blanket, hands cold, toes numb. 
I'm tired after work, back hurting, but happy -- no joyful! 
My heart sings with the Spirit!
I am thankful for my family, my friends, my home, my job, my life.
The cold makes me thankful for the warmth.
I am cold, but content.

How about you?  How's winter treating you?


  1. I am enjoying winter here in the Back Mountain, Dawn. Every few days we get a fresh coat of snow and the really cold days are balanced with a teaser or two of warm ones that make me realize Spring WILL come!

    1. Pam, yes Spring will come! That just made me think of this thought: So, when spring comes, do we ever long for winter? I don't think many do. ;0)

  2. No snow, now beautiful scenes outside here in the Netherlands But I am glad. Its good so. The children cycling to school and I'm always anxious when it is slippery on the street. So, in February there can be still plenty of snow coming. And frost. We're waiting ...

    1. Aritha, I'm glad there isn't snow right now for you. We just got 6 or so inches, so no school. We went sledding! What fun!

  3. Thank Dawn for reminding me that we are a blessed with so much. And I really like the poem you wrote to express this.


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