Monday, March 9, 2015

Small Seed Devotion: Journal

Journal Your Words.
"Oh that my words were written! Oh that they were inscribed in a book!” Job 19:23

Do you journal?

I remember, as a girl, the diary I had. It had a tiny lock and key (as if that kept would keep the contents completely confidential). I didn't want anyone to see my doodles, or how I wrote in cursive what my married name would be (according to which boy I was “in love” with that month), or the names I picked out for my future children (like Elizabeth or Rebecca), or the fantasy stories I wrote. My diary was filled with the things of dreams and days to come.

Today, though, I live and write in the present and I “journal” (that’s more sophisticated, right?). My journal is filled with God Sightings, Scripture that jumped out at me, quotes from Christian books, prayers, thoughts, etc....all things I want to think about or be able to go back too; things that keep me focused on God.

So, like Job, my words are written in a book. I can look back in my journal to specific times and see struggles and how God got me through. It strengthens me and hopefully you too. I use my journal entries to write these devos. My life is an open book, I guess. If something helped me, I want to pass it on. Maybe it will help someone else too.

Do you journal? What do you put in it?


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