Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grab Bag Prompt

I lead the writing prompt for our writing group last night. I passed around a little paper bag labeled "Grab Bag". Each person look out one slip of paper. If they liked it, they kept it. If not, they picked a new one. Then, they wrote on it for 15 minutes.

I offer the Grab Bag to you. Here are the choices:
  • The Paper Bag
  • in the bag
  • handbag
  • bagworms
  • boy's gym bag
  • one bag limit
  • lunch bag
  • a grab bag
  • bag of tricks
  • Bag Lady
  • Cat's out of the bag
  • air bag
  • tea bag

Pick one and write for 15 minutes. 

Here's mine:

Bag of Tricks
by Dawn M. Hamsher

The magician's assistant, a skinny boy of 14, began putting away the show, as was his duty. He carefully gathered the doves and stowed away the rabbit. He picked up all the cards, which were strewn across the stage. He re-stuffed the wand with the colorful scarves and he swept up the confetti and carefully funneled it back into the confetti wand. he re-assembled the sawing-in-half box and packed all the mirrors. The show was almost put away when he noticed a small purple bag, partially hidden under the magician's table by his heavy overcoat. The bag was labelled "Bag of Tricks".

The boy had never seen this. He thought he knew all the magician's tricks. He could do most of them in his sleep, but this...this was new. He felt weight as he lifted the bag. It was small, but bulky, perhaps something of metal was inside. It didn't jingle or clank when he tossed it gently in his hand. What could it be? He glanced across the stage and listened. The old magician was probably still visiting with admirers in the lobby. He could surely take a peek.

He slid open the velvet drawstring and peered in. He couldn't believe his eyes. It was empty! he reached in and felt around. Nothing! The weight was still there. How could it be empty?

Then he heard a "Harumph...". The boy looked up guiltily and slowly removed his red hand. 

The old man said, "You didn't think you knew all my secrets, did you?" He gently took the bag from the boy. "I still have a few in the bag". He chuckled, then added, "And maybe, my boy, I'll show you this one, someday."


  1. Great exercise Dawn! I really like the story too - intriguing empty bag of tricks. :)

  2. Thanks, Alana! Thanks for visiting!


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