Thursday, March 8, 2012

Writing Inspiration from Psalm 119


Our writing group met last night and we studied 
Psalm 119:105-120. 

Pam, our leader, had us go through these verses and write down every declarative statement we found about God.
               I found:

God is a hiding place and a shield.
God rejects the wicked and evil.
God is a lamp (he guides).
God's word is forever.
God's word is a treasure.
God revives.

Then Pam gave us this writing assignment, which I share with you. 

Writing Exercise: Pick one of the declarative statements about God. How could this truth make a difference in someone's life. What is an example from your own life experience that relates to it? Write for 10 minutes.

If you'd like to write on this, please share in Comments Section. I will share mine there also in a day or so.


  1. This is my actual 10 minutes of editing or revising.

    God is my Hiding Place and My Shield --
    Back in college, I was newly married and working full-time time and going to school full-time. My first husband was spending more and more time at the bars, away from me. During this time, I had an equestrian accident that left me with a cracked tailbone. My world, though, fell completely apart when I found out that my husband had an affair.

    I remember crying for three days until no more tears would come. I remember opening up the Bible that my grandmother had given me as a child and I turned to the Psalms. A calm settled over me and somehow I knew there was something to the Bible. It was extraordinary power, a place of refuge, something that the world could not offer.

    Today, when I need to be calmed, when I need strengthened, I turn to the Bible, for I know now, it is God who is my hiding place and my shield and the Bible, is His word.

  2. This is such heart-felt writing, Dawn. Your example illustrates God as a hiding place and his word as a shield so well!

    1. Thanks, Pam. That was a difficult time. Sure makes me appreciate a lot of things now.


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