Friday, April 27, 2012

A to Z Challenge - "X"

Writing Tips & Sticks Series -- X is for 'XTRA 'XTRA

My response to the Writing Prompt:
Headline: Boy Finds "Moses" Treasure

Article: A small boy in the Middle East is credited with finding an unbelievable treasure -- Manna from Heaven. On April 1, 2012, Samuel
Saleem, age 10, was exploring his grandfather's attic, when he came across an old trunk containing an old jar and a note in Hebrew. The note gave instructions that the contents were to be passed down to future generations to show the awesome power of God. The contents of the jar appeared to be flat white seeds. Grandfather and son took the jar to the Ministry of Agriculture who referred them to the Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, who promptly requested a sample be sent to them.

After analysis, historians and botanists from all over the world have flocked to
Saleem's home because there is no known record of this type of seed. Could this truly be manna from heaven?

Reverend Michael
Bloutant says it can. "The Bible is quite clear that the children of Israel were to pass down manna to future generations to show what God did for them in the wilderness; feeding the people with manna that appeared every morning with the dew. Manna was described as being white, like a seed, and tasting like a honeyed wafer. Furthermore, God dictated when the manna would be preserved and when it would rot. If God dictated that some manna be kept for future generations, then this very well could be the actual manna from Moses' time, during the Exodus from Egypt."

On-going analysis of the seeds are still being done.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tara! I thought April 1st (April Fool's Day) would be a funny twist.

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    1. Thanks, Brianna,
      I was reading Exodus when I got the idea. Manna was put in the arc of the covenant to keep as a reminder for future generations. It could still be around.

  3. Hey! What imagination. That story would really make the headlnes.

  4. I loved this, Dawn! Was the boy's nickname "Indy"? LOL Great writing!


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