Wednesday, May 23, 2012

See * Photo * Write - Talk Over Tea

Photo From Getty Images
Today, I'm sharing what I wrote for 1st Write's "See * Photo * Write" prompt. If you'd like to do the prompt, either do it on your blog and share the link over at 1st Writes or leave it under Comments on 1st Writes. This one was fun, fun, fun!

Here's mine (and no, the photo is not Golden Girls, but it reminded me of it):

“Well Rose, what did you expect? ”

“I didn’t expect Mr. Tibbs to run away. Oh Blanche, what am I going to do?”

“Honey, you had the door open. He saw the road to freedom.”

“It was only open for a minute. Mr. Tibbs loves me. Why doesn’t he come back. It’s been nearly two days.”

Rose set the tea cup and saucer down and wrung her hands.
“Oh, I can’t even enjoy my tea without Mr. Tibbs!”

“As much as you cuddled that cat -- He was suffocating in your love!”

“That’s not true. He was breathing fine when he ran out.”

Blanche picked up her tea and under her breath said, “That’s what you think.”

“What? Did you say something?”

“No honey. I just think you should prepare for the worst ‘cause I don’t think Mr. Tibbs is ever comin’ back.”

“Oh, oh! I’m going to have to go look for him again.” 

Rose jumped up and ran to the door and added, “And, I’ll leave the door open. That way he can come back in when he finds his way home.”  

Then she was out the door yelling, “Mr. Tibbs, Mr. Tibbs, here kitty, kitty…”.

Blanche rolled her eyes and said, “Oh Brother.” 

She took another sip of tea before she got up and closed the door, making sure to deadbolt it as well.


  1. I totally read that in a British accent. Ha ha.

  2. So funny, Dawn! Loved it!

    1. I so glad. It was a fun one AND you know I love dialog!

    2. It was a fun one and you know I love writing dialog!

  3. LOL :D I picked it knowing it would be a great dialogue exercise! Glad I was right.

  4. lol! That gave me quite a chuckle! I absolutely could see that happening.


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