Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ants. Ants. Ants.

Warning - If you are an ant lover, read no further.

Ants are on the counters -- Even though they're clean.

They are crawling in the new package of Entenmann's donuts -- still factory-sealed shut.

My formica countertop is speckled with little black spots. Some are moving.

As I try to cook, they are on my cookbook, they are on my bowls. They are on me.

I've tried ant traps. I've tried ant spray (indoor and out). Nothing seems to work....until now.  

Raid Ant Gel. It looks likes thick hand sanitizer. Just a pea-sized squirt - what a tasty meal!

The ants think they've found the mother-load and have invited their friends to come feast.

They're supposed to take some back to the queen and her brood and then I should see them no more.

So, this is my life (and has been for months now). 
We'll see if Raid Ant Gel lives up to its claims.


  1. Sorry to hear that.


    I once rented a place infested with German roaches. It was awful.

    1. Shelly, You win! I'll take the ants any day over roaches!

  2. You can always sing the ant song, "The ants go marching nine by nine. Hurrah! Hooray! (x3) The ants go marching nine by nine the little one stops to scratch his spine, and the ants go marching round and round and into the ground and out in the rain and the ants go marching ten by ten. Hurrah! Hooray!" ad infinitum :)

    1. Pam, Yes that would help. Then that song would be stuck in my head, causing more anxiety. LOL.


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