Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer Book Review - Jesus Freaks Vol. II

This spring, I loaded up on books to read for the summer (you might remember my Book Sale post). Well, I am happy to say, I've read them all, but one AND I read two others not on my list. As a writer, I wanted to learn what I could from the author on story, content, delivery, etc.

Book: Jesus Freaks Vol. II
Author: dc Talk

What I learned: True stories motivate people into action. Truth resonates with readers.

What I liked: I love all the Jesus Freaks books. This is probably the fifth one I've read. I love the stories of people that take a stand for Jesus (past and present). I also liked the last part of the book that gives you practical ways that you can take a stand.  One page is also like a covenant that you can make with God.

What I didn't like: Some of the stories are repeats from other Jesus Freaks books. I didn't really mind reading them again, but I'm sure that there are new fresh stories of people all over the world that could have been used. It seemed like this book used more examples from early A.D. than other JF books. I would have liked to see more "today" stories.

Recommend? Yes! Since this book is a collection of short, independent stories, it is a good read if you only have a few minutes here and there...or in my case, I was on vacation and read the entire book in 4 days (I love vacations).

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