Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summer Book Review - The Supernaturalist

This spring, I loaded up on books to read for the summer (you might remember my Book Sale post). Well, I am happy to say, I've read them all, but one AND I read two others not on my list. As a writer, I wanted to learn what I could from the author on story, content, delivery, etc.

Book: The Supernaturalist
Author: Eoin Colfer

What I learned: Have fun with world-building! The author created a world in future earth that was different in some ways, but the same in others.

What I liked: I like the opening description of where the orphaned children slept (very unique). I liked the invisible creatures and their role throughout the story. I enjoyed the main characters and the villians.

What I didn't like: Hmmm....I liked it all.

Recommend: Yes! This is a quick read and if you like MG and/or sci-fi, you'll like this fast-paced book. Sure wish I had known about this book when my daughter (7th grade) had to read a sci-fi book. She would have loved this one! It's now on her reading pile.

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