Saturday, January 26, 2013

Get Organized!

Last Saturday, I attended an writing organizational workshop with three 1st Writes' friends. We drove to the Lancaster Christian Writers group and heard Linda Lawmaster Hess talk about organization.  

Linda spoke of different styles. 

I am a "Need to be busy" person who "drops stuff and runs". My piles need put away. I was going to post a photo of my writing desk, but thought it would scare you away, so instead let me describe it to you.

The skinny wooden desk bends under the weight of piles of papers and books. An abandoned manuscript and editing binder lurk under the pile. A half-written comic book from taking an art class sits with colored pencils waiting to be finished. Old lesson plans for writing group are scattered everywhere. Mail and bills (oops, I forgot to pay this one!) poke out from the pile. A sewing pin cushion also decorates the space

As writers, we need to keep our space organized so we can find things easily. This will encourage us to write. No one wants to sit down at a desk that has no available space

The way to organize is up to you. Some people might like clear plastic tubs with lids. Others prefer accordion files or filing cabinets. Some need to have their items out to be seen, but just need to organize the place they go in. Whatever works for you is great, just do it!

  • label everything 
  • cut empty shoe or food boxes down to use inside drawers (keeps everything in place)
  • handle clutter immediately (don't let mail pile up)
  • invite friends over frequently (this will give you a reason to tidy up)

Do you have problems with organization?
Do you have any great organizational tips? I'd love to hear them! 
Photo by Dawn M. Hamsher, 2013

Pam, Brianna, Virginia, and I stopped off at Isaac's Deli after the workshop to talk about writing and organizing. 

P.S.I highly recommend the "Goonie Bird" sandwich and Pepper Jack Tomato Soup.



  1. When I did my first NaNo-style writing challenge - I couldn't even see my desk it was that messy. I decided that my treat during the month was to always have fresh flowers in a vase on my writing desk. Cue the need to tidy it to get the flowers on there. And there was something about having something beautiful there that I couldn't bring myself to clutter their space!

    1. Laura, Flowers would be a beautiful thing to add to your writing space. Like a little treat for keeping your area clutter-free.


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