Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Like An Ant...

Several weeks ago, while waiting for church to begin, I flipped through the hymnal and found the prayer below. It gave such a great visual that I had to write it down (on my bulletin).

A Refuge Amid Distraction
Like an ant on a stick both ends of which are burning, I go to and fro without knowing what to do, and in great despair. Like the inescapable shadow that follows me, the dead weight of sin haunts me. Graciously look upon me. Thy love is my refuge. Amen. (Trad., India. Taken from United Methodist Hymnal, 1993)

I, like anyone, can get caught up in putting out fires or the problems of life, but I need to focus on God, my refuge and strength. 

Lord, help me avoid the "to and fro" behavior. Do not let the world drag me down. Guide my steps. Let me dwell in you...the only sure refuge. Keep my eyes and heart and mind focused on you. Amen.

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