Thursday, March 3, 2011

Interview With a Pirate?

Writing Exercise: Write a short article (150-250 words) about any topic. Short articles can be very challenging. Can you say what you need to in few words?  To start, write down the points you want to get across. Then write and edit. Did you stick to your points? My 250-word article below has the topic "Are You a Pirate?". I've added my points at the end.

Interview With a Pirate?
Interview by Dawn M. Hamsher [submitted to devozine, teen devotional, Upper Room]

DMH: Are you a pirate?

Mr. Hook: Why, yes, I’m a pirate! Why ye be askin’ me that? Don’t I look like a pirate?  Don’t I talk like a pirate? Arghhh! Don’t I act like a pirate? Why just the other day I was tellin’ me first mate, Smee that we ain’t had much fun lately. It’s time we did a little drinkin’, plunderin’, and keelhaulin’, you know – piratey things. 

DMH: Well, I thought you gave that stuff up when you became a Christian.

Mr. Hook: Oh, well that (looking down at his boots). I um, ummm. Well, you know, It’s cool to be a pirate. Everyone looks at ya like you’re tough, like you’re somebody special. 

DMH: Yeah, some might call you a bully.

Mr. Hook: No, no, they look up to me. They want to be like me - the “pirate” me.

DMH: You can’t have it both ways. You can’t follow two masters.

Mr. Hook: I know it! I follow my way, ‘cause I’m the captain!
DMH: That’s what I mean. As a Christian, you should be following Christ; letting Christ be your captain.

Mr. Hook: I don’t really like followin’ others.

DMH: I’m beginning to see that. But, what about believing in Jesus as your Savior and starting over again as a new creation? 

Mr. Hook: (frowning) I can’t have it both ways, huh?

DMH: No, you’re either a Christian or a pirate.

Mr. Hook: I’ll need some time to think about it.

Are these point clear?
  • You either are a Christian or not (in name only doesn't count)
  • When you are a Christian your life changes drastically.
  • The old sinful self can come back if you let it.

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