Sunday, March 6, 2011


Simile - compares two seemingly unlike things using words like, as, than, or resembles.

(Ex. The melting ice on the lake resembled a pot-holed street in need of repair.)

Writing Exercise: Practice using similes. For inspiration try comparing some of the below words together.  Should make for some interesting similes! Share one of your similes in the comment section.

clouds                space ship             hair              turkey             rainbow
her face             stove                   melon            cashier            steel
feet                   anchovies             boat              oil                  bird seed
house                 blanket                gold               laundry           camper
salad                  dream                 thread            guitar             lamp
pumpkin             tidal wave             desert            computer        church
garbage dump     angel                    glove             tail                 puzzle
sheets                book                    soap              goggles           push pin


  1. What fun! I could probably come up with many more but here is what I have so far -

    Hair as soft and fuzzy as clouds.

    Her face was like an angel.

    Feet as smelly as anchovies.

    Puzzle was as confusing as a turkey wearing goggles.

    Lamp as bright as gold.

    Rainbow as thin as sheets.

    Push pin as round and fat as a pumpkin.

    Soap as slippery as oil.

    Glove as dry as the desert.

    The blanket covered me like a tidal wave.

    The book was a garbage dump of useless information.

    Cashier as dumb as a melon.

  2. My Mom's feet are as smelly as a garbage dump!


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