Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is Coming

Writing Exercise: Observe the changes in nature (Spring) and write about it. My response is below.

Spring is Coming
By Dawn M. Hamsher

The lake is slowly melting, it’s not yet spring. A gentle rain falls softly on us. It’s warm for early March and we walk the dogs on the gravel path around the lake, smelling earth and wet leaves. The dogs run ahead, through pines and naked hardwoods, sniffing. 
I look out on the lake. The center looks like white frosted glass, where the ice has not yet melted.  Further in, the ice is marred by pock-marks and at shoreline, it has completely turned to liquid.  Small streams of water flow at the edge of the whole lake, warmed by the earth. 

My feet squish on wet gravel and mud. I see two ducks, one male, one female at the water’s side. I breathe deeply. I feel at ease. I can begin to shrug off the long, harsh winter. Spring is coming.


  1. What beautiful image - I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks

  2. Yay! Spring! I could feel it through your words!


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