Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucky Leprechaun Lotto

Writing Prompt: Let's pretend that today is your lucky day! You just won a million dollars from Lucky Leprechaun Lotto! Write about what you would do with the money.

Due to my practical nature, I'd spend the money paying off debt, saving for old age, and giving to church. Since this would be boring, I've decided to write fiction instead. My response is below.

Lucky Leprechaun Lotto
By Dawn M. Hamsher

[Low Country News at 5]

Bill: And now we go live to Goose Creek, South Carolina, where Dalia has a “From Rags to Riches” good news story.

Reporter: Thank you, Bill. Welcome to Low Country News at 5. It’s March 17, 2011 and I’m Dalia Charlton. Boy, do we have a story for you on this fine St. Patty’s Day! I’m here with a very lucky man. This is Zeek "Bubba" Johnson of Goose Creek, South Carolina, who won the Lucky Leprechaun Lotto today, raking in a whopping one million dollars!

Bubba: Hi Mom!

Shanna: (butting in) Hi Keisha, Hi Ashley, Hi Holly Beth. I’m on TV, girls!

Reporter: (taking over) Mr. Johnson bought the winning ticket at the Quickie Stop on Redbank Road on March 2.

Bubba: (leaning in to the microphone) Mr. Johnson’s ma daddy. You can call me Bubba.

Reporter: (getting flustered) OK.  Mr…I mean Bubba. Bubba says he just felt lucky that day. He went into the Quickie Mart to get chewing tobacco and saw the lucky green lotto tickets for sale. He bought $10 worth. He recounts how he almost lost the winning ticket driving to the lake with the windows open.

Bubba: Yep, I was drivin’ my ‘81 Ford F-150 Pickup; I had the radio on real loud to the country station and the truck was kickin’ up dust. I had my lotto tickets stuck in the visor when I hit a pot-hole and the tickets went flying.

Reporter: You stated that you slammed on the breaks and then had to search the truck inside and out for all the tickets? (Bubba nodded) But one was never recovered?

Bubba: Yeah that right. Sure glad that
one wasn't the winner! 

Reporter: Bubba, the Low Country wants to know what you plan to do with the money?

Bubba: I'm gonna buy me a mess o' Coonhounds. Then I'm a gonna buy a new Hemi and get me new aluminum hunting dog crates for the truck bed.  I seen ‘em on the internet. And, I’m gonna buy my mama a brand new trailer, one of those new double-wides. And I’m thinkin’ about getting’ 2 new shotguns.

Shanna: My turn!

Reporter: And this is Bubba’s girlfriend, Shanna Tate who is beside herself with happiness.

Shanna: Yep, I was there in the trailer when they called off the numbers.  I started screaming and jumpin’ up and down.  Then I had to call all my friends, like Suzette and Renee...

Reporter: (interrupting) Did you want to comment on what you’d like to purchase with the money?

Shanna: Oh yeah! Bubba is gonna buy me a real gen-u-ine diamond ring!  He also told me buy something nice for myself, so I'm gonna get one of those there tiaras at Claire's and wear it to make all my friend's jealous. Then, Bubba is gonna take me to a nice restaurant, like Bessinger's BBQ!

Reporter: Well, we’re out of time. This has been live, on location in Goose Creek. I’m sure this fortune won't be wasted on Bubba and his kin. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Back to you, Bill.



  1. How 'bout some gen-u-wine diamond collars for them there coonhounds? :) Cute story!

  2. Very funny! And you do a great job with dialect!

  3. Glad ya'll like the story! I'm real fond of accents. I think it helps take the reader right there. I started writing this piece like a newspaper article, but it was lacking "fun" and "character". I had to add dialog!

    BTW--In Goose Creek,S.C., every other man's nickname is Bubba. I lived there 12 years. :0)


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