Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blog Chat

Last night, my writing group (well, three of us) met for a blog chat to share what we've discovered in the past several months about blogging. Here are some highlights:

  • Why did we decide to blog? Reason: to write more.   It was not to get followers, not to get stuck in a rut, and not to feel obligated to comment on 100's of blogs. It was a relief to discuss this and to realize we don't have to run ourselves ragged. We just need to re-focus and write!
  • How do we feel about blog awards? Well, some have been meaningful, but others are like chain letters (ex. to get this award write 50 things about yourself and then give the award to 50 other people...OK, I exaggerate a little bit.). Awards in the traditional sense are very special. Not everyone gets one. I realize that by writing this I will probably never get another award, but that is OK too. Awards should be earned (like my A to Z one)!
  • How do we manage time? Well, that is a tricky one. We want to work on our manuscripts, have family time, blog, and visit other blogs. Whew! We know we will have to prioritize and maybe cut back on some blogging/visiting.
  • Help, we feel trapped by our blogs! Most blogging experts tell you to narrow down your blog to one topic. I chose "writing exercises" and Pam chose "Christian Writing". We both are feeling too constrained by our topics. Now Brianna, on the other hand, felt hers was too broad "running, motherhood, writing, blogging", but I think she's more on the money. Anyway, in the end, we decided we will write about what we want to write about. They are our blogs! Hooah! 

The three of us really like blogging. It does motivate us to write. We also like getting together to talk about blogging. So, please don't think we're complaining. We just wanted to discuss some observations and try to find our blogging groove. 

Let's continue the blog chat via the Comments Section. Write what you like/dislike about blogging and the challenges you face.



  1. You've hit the blog woes right on the head. I feel guilty sometimes for not visiting blogs of friends but I'm trying to get over it.
    I try to limit my blogging to the broad subject of writing. That give me a lot of leeway.

  2. Wow..I'm sure it is nice to meet up with your blogger friends ya...
    Sounds like you all had fun & a great time discussing things..
    I enjoy blogging b'cos its a way for me to share my joy...rant & vent...
    Recently I'm more into visiting other people's blog...getting to know more bloggers...

  3. Susan, I'm glad we're not the only ones who feel this way. We'll just do the best we can.

    Graywolfie, Yes, it is so nice to be able to talk (in person) with some blogging buddies!

    Thank you both for stopping by and sharing!

  4. Right now the biggest blogging challenge facing me is finding a suitable theme ;)


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