Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Capturing a Moment - Laurel Lake

Yesterday, we went swimming and canoeing at one of our local lakes. I decided to do
another "Capturing a Moment" entry. Here is the original writing prompt:

Writing Exercise: Capture a moment in time. Write about it in any way you wish. My response is below.


  1. Clever essay, especially with the lake in the centre.
    Interesting reading.

  2. I love this. You're so descriptive.

  3. I loved the look of this piece! I enjoy days at Laurel Lake but that's because I've never seen a snake!

  4. Anthony, Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it! I stopped by your website and saw your wife's children's book. It looks fun!

    Angela, Thanks, it was fun to do.

    Brianna, As I was sitting on the beach, I knew I had to do a lake in the middle! The snake was fine...plenty of space between the canoe and him. :0)

  5. I have been loving your camping experiences and now an exquisite 'capture a moment' piece. Great visuals and imagery.

  6. Very nice. :)

    I did this once, tried to capture a moment in time... I posted it here if you're interested. :)


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