Thursday, May 26, 2011

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 5

We went camping this past weekend with two other families. I wrote several short segments about our great camping weekend. I'll post one segment a day.

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 5


I was hoping to walk around the lake today.
But my feet feel like lead.
My body feels so tired.
I just want to sleep.
I’m thankful for camping.
It gives me time to relax.
It gives me time to do nothing.
I can take a nap or stare into the fire.
Doing nothing can be very nice sometimes.


  1. The idea of doing nothing is so enticing. But I never can quite do nothing. I feel guilty and edgy if I'm not doing at least one thing with purpose.

    Someday I hope to achieve a state of nothingness.

    I've given your blog an award. You can pick it up at


  2. You make doing nothing soooooooo appealing, but, alas, like Lucy, I can never quite achieve it.
    Pam Williams

  3. Lucy and Pam,
    Neither can I...this was a rare moment.


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