Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 4

We went camping this past weekend with two other families. I wrote several short segments about our great camping weekend. I'll post one segment a day.

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 4

Scavenger Hunt
A boy started the idea.
He asked Patti for an egg.
He was on a scavenger hunt.
Now the girls want their own adventure.
On a piece of paper, I made them one:
*Get a Park Ranger signature
*Count all the tents in the campground
*Make a toilet paper headband
*Collect 5 different napkins
*Collect 1 paper plate
*Collect 1 paper bowl
*Count all the dogs that are camping
*Get a signature of a boy
*Get a signature of a girl
Then, I sent them on their way.
Maybe they’ll be back by dark.


  1. Nice! They had a blast :)

  2. Great idea, Dawn! Scavenger hunts are always fun!

  3. Scavenger hunts--love them. Great way to get the group working together, get to know each other. Have fun!

  4. Patti, Pam and Susan,
    It did keep them busy till dark! They had a great time.

  5. And were they back by dark? This sounds fun.

  6. Interesting idea..! Think they sure had fun..


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