Saturday, May 28, 2011

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 7

We went camping last weekend with two other families. I wrote several short segments about our great camping weekend. I'll post one segment a day.

Capturing a Moment - Camping, Part 7

Sounds of the State Park
Breaking twigs
Rushing water

Crackling fire
A basketball dribbling
Kids yelling from far off
Adults talking

A dog barking
Bicycles whizzing by
Jump rope smacking stones
Girls singing "Cinderella Dressed in Yellow..."
Children giggling from the next site
A car driving by on pavement


  1. Now I have that little song in my head--Cinderella dressed in yella :)

  2. It's fun to close my eyes and write down all the sounds I can hear when I go places like that. I seem to hear better that way. I can just picture the scene you describe.

  3. Your capturing the moment series has revived my love of camping! I almost want to go roughing it myself now!

  4. Brianna, I love how you say "almost". LOL.


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