Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stuck? Ask Questions!

Ever been stuck in your writing, unsure of what comes next? That's where I was yesterday, so I decided on this exercise to help me focus.

Writing Exercise: Stuck? Use questions to help you determine where your writing needs to go. My response is below. 

How will the group react when they find out who the man is?

What will D. tell Mr. B. about how they got there?

How did Mr. B. get a message from G.?

What will Mr. B tell the group to do?

What will M.D. do?

What will happen in the next chapter?


  1. Good thinking. Asking about the story development sounds like a great way to progress.

  2. Anthony, Honestly, I wasn't sure what else to do to get un-stuck! :0)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I find that the main character(s) are the driving force in my writing. I always do an in-detail character study before I start a project. Then the characters are so well entrenched, that their actions, dialogue follow naturally.
    I like the idea about asking questions.

  4. Susan,Yes, very good idea to do the in-depth character study! I did not do that on my book (my first) and I realize the error of my ways.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Good Exercise to remember!
    But did you do this to tease me? I want to know the answers to your questions too!

  6. That Anonymous was me! Sorry!

  7. Anonymous Briana (LOL) - Yes, I put them there to drive you crazy. I just feed you bits and pieces of my book, so you'll have to buy it. LOL.
    Miss you!


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